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Types Of Cargoes

Code Transport object Product introduction Reference price
XPS Express delivery Airport-to-airport express service with maximum weight of 70 kg for single piece and 300 kg for single consignment No need for booking 150%
XAG Express freightage Airport-to-airport express service of cargo with single piece exceeding 70 kg or single consignment exceeding 300 kg and pallet transport 120%
ART Artwork Transport of precious artworks 300%
BIG Large/heavy cargoes Transport of overweight and extra large non-standard cargoes 110%
DGR Hazardous items Transport of hazardous items of Category 1-9 defined by IATA TACT150%, exception 1.4 s/Category 6/7, 300%
GOH GOH Transport of garment on hanger Volume
TEM Fresh cargoes to be transported under constant temperature Transport of fresh and perishable food cargoes needing temperature control NA
COL Fresh cargoes needing refrigeration/frozen cargo clearance "Cold chain" transport with such devices as thermal insulation blanket and thermostat load device to transport fresh and perishable cargoes in refrigeration and frozen control 120%
FRE Fresh Transport of fresh and perishable cargoes in compliant with basic or standard processing procedure 110%
AVI Live animal Live animals defined in IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR), subject to embargo list of each carrier. 150%
CON Drug 1 Transport of drugs to be transported under constant temperature in air conditioning containers NA
MEC Drug 2 Transport of drugs needing refrigeration. 130%
PIL Drug 3 Transport of drugs agreeable with general handling 120%
ICE Drug 4 Transport of drugs to be refrigerated with dry ice 110%
VAL Valuables Transport of valuables defined by IATA, such as artworks, gold and bank notes. 200%
VUN High-value cargo Transport of high-tech equipment or high-value goods. 110%
WHL Vehicles Transport of all kinds of vehicles. 100%
DIM General cargo Transport of general cargoes needing no special handling. 100%
VIP Three-party customization Plan of frequent cargo transport proposed by the consignor and agent carefully selected with agreement concluded by the consignor, forwarding agent and carrier. Conditional pricing